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Affinity Eye Care is excited to announce we are expanding to a satellite office and will be making improvements to our current office! This office, located across West Los Altos Road at 6595 N. Oracle Road Suite 109, will serve primarily pediatric patients. Click above for more information!

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Affinity Eye Care is a proud supporter of the Think About Your Eyes Campaignthink about your eyes

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How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

By: Evan Wise  Most people want polarized sunglasses but don’t know why or what they really do. Here is a brief explanation: Light is both a particle (photon) and a wave (photons travel in a wave pattern). The waves vibrate in random directions in sunlight and vibrate in all directions....

Everything You Need to Know About Contact Lenses

The following blog was written by Dr. Laura Gudenkauf. She is the doctor at Affinity Eye Care that focuses on contact lens fit and helping patients get the right contacts for their needs.  Everything You Need to Know About Contact Lenses There has never been more variety when it comes...

Affinity Eye Care Welcomes The Eye Blog

Welcome to Affinity Eye Care’s new blog, offering our patients all the latest information on eye care and our practice. At Affinity Eye Care, we believe in a level of customer service that you won’t find at any other optometrist. Our goal at Affinity Eye Care is to make you...


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